Rank Advancement/Board of Review

1. Scout through Life Rank: Scouts must demonstrate their mastery and/or completion of each requirement to a scout at least two (2) ranks higher than them. Boy Scout Handbooks contain spaces next to each requirement for the approving scout to initial and date.

a. Star Scouts working on Life rank may have an Eagle Scout or an Adult Troop Leader sign off on their requirements.

b. Life Scouts working on Eagle rank follow a separate, but similar, approval process involving the Troop Eagle Board and District Eagle Board.

c. Hint #1: If a scout needs help mastering or completing a rank requirement, they should ask their fellow scouts and adult leaders for help. Many ranks require higher ranked scouts to teach/mentor lower ranked scouts. A scout’s request for help may help another scout achieve their rank advancement!

d. Hint #2: Attending camp, troop meetings, and participating in activities is a great way to complete rank requirements! Bring your handbook with you to meetings, camps, and events and ask for sign-off after you complete requirements!

e. Hint #3: Workbooks for all ranks are available online, however, scouts will still need to have each requirement signed off in their handbooks.

2. Once all requirements are approved, initialed, and dated for the rank, scouts must schedule a Scoutmaster Conference and Board of Review (BOR). These are the final requirements listed in the Boy Scout Handbook for every rank.

a. In Troop 911, scouts should ask adult leaders to schedule a BOR by email or in-person.

b. BORs are typically scheduled before or after troop meetings, but other arrangements can be made, if needed.

3. To the BOR, scouts should:

a. Bring their Boy Scout Handbook, complete with initials and dates for each rank requirement.

b. Wear their full uniform.

4. Once the BOR is held and the rank advancement is approved by the appropriate leaders, the scout will receive their rank patch and card at the next Court of Honor.

a. Once they complete their BOR, scouts may begin working on requirements for the next rank.

b. Scouts achieving Life Rank will receive:

i. Their Life Rank badge and card.

ii. A packet containing instructions and materials to work toward Eagle Scout rank.

c.      Visit the Eagle Scouts section of the Greater St. Louis Area Council’s website for online resources.