General Schedule


Bench Rest Rifle Club - Rifle Shooting
The troop will be going the Bench Rest Rifle Club (2280 Kohn Rd, Wright City, MO 63390).  They will learn about safety and proper shooting techniques by our troop Commissioner, Mr. Green, who is an NRA instructor and certified BSA range instructor.  The scouts will have serveral opportunites to practice and will have a great time.  Safety is always our number one priority here.  This is ALWAYS a scout favorite so don't miss this one!
Date:  4/11/14 through 4/13/14


        Camping/program fee:  $10.00 (includes ammunition)

        Estimated food costs:   $9.00

        Estimated transportation cost (74 miles) $37.00

        • This cosetonly covers transportation for the troop trailer
        • This cost is divided between all participants attending
        • Please refer to the troop by laws for further information


Total Estimated Cost:  $20.00


Departure Time:  Approximately 6:00pm (please try to meet around 5:30 so we can get the trailers and cars loaded in order to leave at 5:30.  Please be sure your scout has had dinner as they will only receive a small late night snack on Friday.

Pick Up Time:  This time will vary depending on weather conditions and the organization and cooperation of the scouts.  As a troop, we try to be home in the morning.  We will give a 30-45 minute heads up before we arrive so you can make arrangements have your scout picked up when we arrive.